Our Story

Providing top-notch animal care isn’t just what we do — it’s what we love!

At Mission Veterinary Hospital, we believe that wellness is more than just treating sick animals and preventing disease with vaccines.

We want you and your pet to enjoy a vibrant, fun, long and loving relationship,. This is what excites us about caring for your pet.

We pledge to work with you to prevent disease and foster vibrant health for your pet. Wellness is more than just skin deep.

We make sure that your pet is healthy on the inside too. From wellness exams, pre-anesthetic blood work and x-ray testing to advanced pain and obesity management and rehabilitation medicine, our commitment is to a happy and healthy pet.

Pets age faster than we do and cannot tell us when they are in pain. We will work with you so you can recognize your pets’ needs and provide the care that they deserve.

We are always accepting new patients and are happy to provide care for pet owners in the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland, and beyond!

Some Glimpse From Our Gallery

Sterling Archer

Sterling Archer was in for his puppy boosters. He is a Wheaton Terrier and is too cute. He loves snuggles too.

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Look at these cute kittens from the Fraser Valley Humane Society. They were spayed and can go to their new homes soon.

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Baloo is healing well after coming in with a sore paw. Keep up the good work buddy

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Little Miss Pheobe came in for her first ever visit today. She is a super cute 11 week old doberman puppy and we can’t wait to watch her grow into those feet! See you in a few weeks for your boosters little one.

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Joe says, “Wake up little buddy, it’s time to play”. Joe likes to share his warmth with the surgery patients while they wake up

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Update on Anna. It has been one year since she appeared at our door in a police car. She was in shock, with a broken leg and pelvis, lung bruising, and head trauma. Officer Rachel, citizens from all over the Pacific northwest, and of course our staff donated to give her a fighting chance. Here…

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