Ensuring a Lifetime of Health and Happiness for Your Pet


Your pet is not just an animal; they are a beloved member of your family. At every stage of their life, from the playful puppy or kitten years to the graceful senior phase, we are committed to providing them with specialized and preventative care. This article delves into the importance of wellness exams, vaccination, and parasite control in maintaining your pet’s health and happiness throughout their life.

The Significance of Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are a cornerstone of your pet’s health. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends at least one wellness exam each year, and more frequent exams as your pet ages. These comprehensive check-ups serve several vital purposes.

Early Detection and Disease Prevention

Wellness exams give us the opportunity to evaluate your pet’s overall health and establish a baseline for their unique body and tendencies. These exams are a vital tool in detecting potential problems before they become serious health issues. They also help your pet become familiar with our veterinary hospital, making future visits more comfortable for both them and you.

A Comprehensive Approach to Pet Wellness

We firmly believe in preventing illness wherever possible. Our wellness programs are designed with your pet’s specific needs in mind and encompass:

  1. Comprehensive Physical Exam: A nose-to-tail evaluation to ensure your pet’s overall health.
  2. External and Internal Parasite Control
  3. Vaccination Program
  4. Specialized Blood Tests: Covering all life stages and health requirements.
  5. Comprehensive Senior Pet Exam: Tailored to the unique needs of aging pets.