Dental health is just as important in animals as it is in people.

Our Veterinarians have over 20 years combined experience in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

Diagnostic Imaging

We are equipped with digital dental x-rays, digital full body x-rays, and diagnostic ultrasound for your pet

In house Laboratory

We have a full in-house lab capable of testing blood, urine and stool.

Nutrition and Behavior Counselling

Nutrition and good manners are an important part of having a healthy and happy pet.

Rehabilitation Medicine

As a new field in Veterinary Medicine, Rehab and Physiotherapy can help your pet with mobility issues, pre-surgical and post-surgical recovery.

Best Start Packages

These packages are for your new puppy or kitten and are designed to keep your new family member as healthy as possible. Please call and talk to a team member to learn about these great packages

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